Friday, March 23, 2012


I love writing thank you notes partially because I love decorating the envelope. I eyeballed these envelopes after the font Carolyna Pro Black ( which is fitting since two of my recipients live in the Carolinas'. I think this one turned out beautiful. I also did lovely, matching envelopes for Nick's mom and stepdad and another for his brother and sister-in-law who all accepted me into their homes during Nick and my road trip to North & South Carolina. They are great people to be around and they collectively have 5 of the cutest and most well behaved dogs and cats I've ever been around. Anyway I hope this inspires everyone to explore some caligraphy and topography!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

blog life.

I want this blog to be more than lists, although the facts thats its called adjectives implys that I'm going to be pretty descriptive. I want to bring out the creativity in myself and in the people who read it. This is an inspiration blog that will probably be personal at times because how can you have art without emotion? I wish I had more time. Quick note about myself I am a senior in an undergraduate psychology program and my time is constantly school school school! However, I, like everyone need a release and an outlet. I love being inspired and after years of reading blog and feeling happy and creative I want to give back and inspire others as well. Here goes nothing! ; ]