Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to Blogging

I am excited to begin posting more.  I think starting a blog seemed like a simple creative endeavor only to find out it was an overwhelming task.  I want to post at least once a week in order to incorporate this blog into my life.  I have some exciting pictures, product reviews, and other posts planned for the next few weeks! So excited to get the ball rolling!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

to do.

I love the domestic life.  Even though I live with my dad and brother, Warren, I love getting things done around the house, expecially the garden.  I am probably the least likely person to enjoy this seeing as I'm a full time student and 23 years old and this isn't even my house.  It doesn't matter to me though.  My boyfriend, Nick, owns his own home that I love organizing too.  There are so many cute things to do with your home, indoors and out, and something about that draws me in.  Im just a crafty and organized person.

Here's my to-do list for the week
  • Sweep upper and lower deck.
  • Tuesday- make pasta salad with fresh oregano and parsley from the garden (since Cleveland weather has really be generous this season!)
  • Weed front and back pathways so I can sweep those too.
  • Move patio furniture out of storage so we can start eating dinners alfresco!
  • Thursday- give my last presentation of the semester for political and social philosophy on Anarchism.
  • Keep training for my 5k (more on that in the future)
  • Wednesday- make seasoned grilled chicken and stuffed tomatoes for dinner.
  • Start growing seedlings for flowers and maybe green beans and see how it turns out (I haven't done this before so I'm really counting on my green thumb).
  • Re-pot my aloe plant into something cuter than the plastic pot it came in.
As you can see I pretty much have the outdoor on my mind exclusively. =]

package in the mail

 I love getting free things, packages in the mail, a suprises.  Enclosed in this box was all three!  Much to my pleasure I recieved this package from target (via their facebook giveaway) in the mail.  What a cute bag and gifts for free! I'm excited to use all the products and maybe fall in love with a few too!  I love to share my opinion on products so if one, or all, stand out Ill be sure to review it here.  Next time there is a giveaway of this sort I will try and share it on my blog. =]
Included in the bag (from left to right): Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser by Neutrogena, Extended Moisture daily lotion by Nivea, Color Preserve Shine conditioner by Pantene (which I could smell as soon as I opened the box.. amazing), Magic Lumi light infusing primer by L'Oreal Paris, a cute little makeup bag that will definitiely be my friend when I travel, Cleansing facial wipes by Simple, and a booklet of coupons! So cute!

I do a fair amount of traveling, nothing plane worthy or lengthy (I wish) but still I take treks to Erie and Pittsburg, PA, southern Ohio, upstate New York, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC to visit friends and family so I love travel size products and sample sizes.  I use all the samples I get and enjoy most of them a lot.

<3 Colette

Saturday, April 28, 2012


My birthday was last week and it was absolutely wonderful.  I want to share the cuteness on my blog because I am so grateful for everyone that made me feel so special!  Since I love lists I think that would be the best format =]
  • Bonfire at my college the night before my birthday.. Nick played the bongos.. priceless!
  • Wake up to my sister singing Happy Birthday with a candle in a cookie.. a chocolate chip banana cookie that she crafted FROM SCRATCH!!
  • Coffee and shopping with my baby sister!
  • Free Sephora birthday gift! (Fresh lip treatment! So luxurious!)
  • Suprise phone call from Nick saying that he would be home 2 hours early from work! I actually got to see him on my birthday which was the best part!
  • I went to Columbus to give a presentation on my research topic and since we had to get down there on my birthday (why I only got a see Nick for a hot minute) the Psychology girls and I got to go out to the Mellow Mushroom (more on that later).  It was so much fun!
  • I love that Earth Day is so close to my birthday because environmentalism is a passion of mine!  My sister and I went to the Green Dream expo near Cleveland and Nick and I celebrated at the mall (with free Origins and Kiehls products!)
  • Going out last night to the Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland was such a treat.. especially for a family of food addicts! The whole night consisted of sharing a savoring and eating and trying new things (except for the pig head on the menu.. we weren't THAT curious!).
  • Nick making me a chocolare Guiness birthday cake with cream cheese frosting... yep my boyfriend can bake!! =]
Overall it was a lovely *23rd* birthday! I have amazing friends, family, and boyfriend! <3

Friday, March 23, 2012


I love writing thank you notes partially because I love decorating the envelope. I eyeballed these envelopes after the font Carolyna Pro Black ( which is fitting since two of my recipients live in the Carolinas'. I think this one turned out beautiful. I also did lovely, matching envelopes for Nick's mom and stepdad and another for his brother and sister-in-law who all accepted me into their homes during Nick and my road trip to North & South Carolina. They are great people to be around and they collectively have 5 of the cutest and most well behaved dogs and cats I've ever been around. Anyway I hope this inspires everyone to explore some caligraphy and topography!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

blog life.

I want this blog to be more than lists, although the facts thats its called adjectives implys that I'm going to be pretty descriptive. I want to bring out the creativity in myself and in the people who read it. This is an inspiration blog that will probably be personal at times because how can you have art without emotion? I wish I had more time. Quick note about myself I am a senior in an undergraduate psychology program and my time is constantly school school school! However, I, like everyone need a release and an outlet. I love being inspired and after years of reading blog and feeling happy and creative I want to give back and inspire others as well. Here goes nothing! ; ]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I want to be...

...covered in various colored paints. Entwined in two strongs arms. Pen in hand, words racing through my fingers. Traveling though apart of America where there are no buldings as far as I can see. Laying in bed with lots of blankets on me and a smile across my face. Up for 38 hours straight and sketchbooks to show for it. Prepared for my psych exams on Thursday. a psychologist. married.