Wednesday, May 9, 2012

to do.

I love the domestic life.  Even though I live with my dad and brother, Warren, I love getting things done around the house, expecially the garden.  I am probably the least likely person to enjoy this seeing as I'm a full time student and 23 years old and this isn't even my house.  It doesn't matter to me though.  My boyfriend, Nick, owns his own home that I love organizing too.  There are so many cute things to do with your home, indoors and out, and something about that draws me in.  Im just a crafty and organized person.

Here's my to-do list for the week
  • Sweep upper and lower deck.
  • Tuesday- make pasta salad with fresh oregano and parsley from the garden (since Cleveland weather has really be generous this season!)
  • Weed front and back pathways so I can sweep those too.
  • Move patio furniture out of storage so we can start eating dinners alfresco!
  • Thursday- give my last presentation of the semester for political and social philosophy on Anarchism.
  • Keep training for my 5k (more on that in the future)
  • Wednesday- make seasoned grilled chicken and stuffed tomatoes for dinner.
  • Start growing seedlings for flowers and maybe green beans and see how it turns out (I haven't done this before so I'm really counting on my green thumb).
  • Re-pot my aloe plant into something cuter than the plastic pot it came in.
As you can see I pretty much have the outdoor on my mind exclusively. =]

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