Wednesday, May 9, 2012

package in the mail

 I love getting free things, packages in the mail, a suprises.  Enclosed in this box was all three!  Much to my pleasure I recieved this package from target (via their facebook giveaway) in the mail.  What a cute bag and gifts for free! I'm excited to use all the products and maybe fall in love with a few too!  I love to share my opinion on products so if one, or all, stand out Ill be sure to review it here.  Next time there is a giveaway of this sort I will try and share it on my blog. =]
Included in the bag (from left to right): Visibly Bright daily facial cleanser by Neutrogena, Extended Moisture daily lotion by Nivea, Color Preserve Shine conditioner by Pantene (which I could smell as soon as I opened the box.. amazing), Magic Lumi light infusing primer by L'Oreal Paris, a cute little makeup bag that will definitiely be my friend when I travel, Cleansing facial wipes by Simple, and a booklet of coupons! So cute!

I do a fair amount of traveling, nothing plane worthy or lengthy (I wish) but still I take treks to Erie and Pittsburg, PA, southern Ohio, upstate New York, Greensboro and Charlotte, NC to visit friends and family so I love travel size products and sample sizes.  I use all the samples I get and enjoy most of them a lot.

<3 Colette

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