Saturday, April 28, 2012


My birthday was last week and it was absolutely wonderful.  I want to share the cuteness on my blog because I am so grateful for everyone that made me feel so special!  Since I love lists I think that would be the best format =]
  • Bonfire at my college the night before my birthday.. Nick played the bongos.. priceless!
  • Wake up to my sister singing Happy Birthday with a candle in a cookie.. a chocolate chip banana cookie that she crafted FROM SCRATCH!!
  • Coffee and shopping with my baby sister!
  • Free Sephora birthday gift! (Fresh lip treatment! So luxurious!)
  • Suprise phone call from Nick saying that he would be home 2 hours early from work! I actually got to see him on my birthday which was the best part!
  • I went to Columbus to give a presentation on my research topic and since we had to get down there on my birthday (why I only got a see Nick for a hot minute) the Psychology girls and I got to go out to the Mellow Mushroom (more on that later).  It was so much fun!
  • I love that Earth Day is so close to my birthday because environmentalism is a passion of mine!  My sister and I went to the Green Dream expo near Cleveland and Nick and I celebrated at the mall (with free Origins and Kiehls products!)
  • Going out last night to the Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland was such a treat.. especially for a family of food addicts! The whole night consisted of sharing a savoring and eating and trying new things (except for the pig head on the menu.. we weren't THAT curious!).
  • Nick making me a chocolare Guiness birthday cake with cream cheese frosting... yep my boyfriend can bake!! =]
Overall it was a lovely *23rd* birthday! I have amazing friends, family, and boyfriend! <3

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